Testimonial Videos from Happy Customers and Employees

Every company has happy costumers, happy employees. Everyone is happy to be a part of the whole, and they tell their friends, they tell their family. However, this just reaches a small amount of people, and this is incredibly positive for a company, so this should reach as much people as possible, since there is no greater publicity than the smile of a happy customer or employee. In order to reach the world with this type of feedback, companies make customer and employee testimonial videos.

Testimonials from happy customers and employees are of utmost importance when it comes to brand name and renown. What better way for a corporation to show the world that their customers and employees are happy with their practices and want to keep on relating to them? Video production is real customers giving an honest, positive review is worth a lot more than any created by the company itself to show the world what they offer. After all, the ad is made by the company, of course they will want to show their best side to the world. However, a customer that has nothing to do with a company is much more credible than the company itself when it comes to product characteristics.

Not exactly the same thing goes for an employee testimonial. Employees really do have something to lose – their job. A truly unhappy employee would not be working with the company anyway, so these promotional videos can help acquire a better name for the company and the brand. People like to see that a company gives their employees what they deserve (in a good way) and that these individuals are happy to work there. Clients can change their preferences just because a company doesn’t treat their employees correctly.

Keep in mind that happy customers, and employees are the most important factor needed for corporate success. Without this, there will be no success over a long period of time, since word spreads and people tend to dislike anything that doesn’t make them, or others, happy. Although it doesn’t have to be recorded on video (even though it helps), customer and employee satisfaction is something that should regularly be considered by corporations in order to ultimately avoid the implosion of their businesses. It’s not too hard to keep this in mind while running a business, in fact, it should be something that’s thought about in every major decision taken.