3 Top Video Production Sharing Platforms

There are corporate video production sharing platforms that make sharing easy for businesses that want to promote their products and services. These platforms make video marketing success in marketing because they make an easy way to connect with customers. Customers value videos more than any other method of marketing. However, these videos need to be engaging to them as well as entertaining. Otherwise, the company may lose money on video marketing if the content is not well planned.

Among the corporate video production sharing platforms, there are paid platforms and free platforms. Paid platforms tend to have more features than the free platforms in marketing businesses. The paid platforms may also have the free account although with restricted features. Take for instance Vimeo; it has a paid account and a free account. The other sites like YouTube have free account where you can simply share corporate video production with potential customers, but there are rules that govern sharing. The 3 top corporate video production sharing platforms mentioned herein are YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.


You Tube is undisputedly the most popular video sharing platform with millions of visitors on a monthly basis. The videos shared on this platform are most likely to be shared among millions of viewers.  You can also add your website URL on the corporate video production to further give viewers direction about your services and your products.

However, YouTube is not necessarily dedicated to marketing. There are strict rules on sharing videos on this platform. Provided you follow the rules and regulations given, you can reap benefits from this platform. It is unrivalled with a number of viewers on a monthly basis. The enticing thing about YouTube is that you can share corporate video production for free to millions of customers. Watch this video for more information:


Vimeo is also another corporate video sharing platform a production company may use. It has a basic account which is unpaid and a paid account that costs $59.99 on a yearly basis. The paid account has advanced features and a bigger space to upload and share videos with customers. However, this platform is still lacking in terms of the total number of viewers as compared to YouTube. It is nonetheless a growing platform that can benefit emerging businesses. You are given 5GB of space in the paid account to upload videos per week whereas you are given 500MB in the basic account. For more information watch this video:


Wistia is a corporate video production hosting platform that allows business owners to add videos on their websites. It allows users to showcase their products and services on video under their own regulations. It is an affordable platform as well that gives marketers an opportunity to market businesses. The advantage with this corporate video production platform is the analytics that allow one to see the number of viewers visiting the website. It is a great way to connect with your target audience hence the video contains more information than the content. Here is a video about Wistia for your corporate videos.