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Corporate Video Production

…what if you’re not using it?

Business owners get every opportunity that they have to boost the sales of their business. They try every marketing strategy that is guaranteed to work. We’re located in Sydney, so for Sydney video production companies, visit these guys! There videos have been the newest and most effective marketing tool for their clients. It has brought a drastic increase in the profit of businesses especially online businesses. But there are still others who doubt the power of video. Without videos, there are many opportunities that your business misses out.

You Miss Exposure through Talking to Millions of Customers

There are billions of people online every day. And there are millions of those individuals who checkout at least one video production a day watching the viral videos and product videos. According to ComScore, 90% of online shoppers find videos helpful while shopping online. It provides them with enough information about the product and the testimonials. Retailers have proven that products with video sell much more than products without video. A survey made by the Econsultancy last 2013 showed that half of the internet users in UK get to have a peak of the video content. And 54% of those people proceed to checking out the website of the video owner.

You Miss Effectiveness of Video in Advertising

It has been proven that video production is six times more effective than print and online advertising. A study from BrightRoll showed that at least 68% of individuals believe that it is more effective than display advertising, TV advertising or social media advertising. With your own simple video, your business will reach the viewing eyes of potential customers with a trusted effectiveness of getting sales from them.

You Miss Being Recalled by Viewers

Videos last longer in the minds of viewers because of the power of sight and hearing combined altogether. Video production has a lasting effect on its audience especially when the product is of interest to them, check out Full Frame Productions for some help on your next video project. Brainshark said that Video equals higher viewer retention. You can have a one-minute video equal to an estimate of written words 1.8 million. It is the power that videos have as compared to written advertising or picture advertising. Those without videos attract lesser visitors as compared to those who have videos. Videos tend to carry three times more monthly visitors who spend more time on the site and eventually buy something from them.

You Miss Out on More Sales

Just think about the number of individual viewing video all the time. Most of them get attracted and get interested on the content of the video. They are directed towards making a purchase from your business. Many seniors prefer to watch videos rather than read text in making online purchases. And do consider the fact that your exposure on Google will provide a 100% guaranteed sale for your business. Having a video production will give you the opportunity to land on page 1 of Google.